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The Deepwater Horizon Settlement refers to the legal court battle where victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (April 20, 2010) filed a BP oil spill class action lawsuit (“British Petroleum”) due to the explosion of the oil rig (known as “Deepwater Horizon”).

The oil rig (owned by Transocean) was used for offshore drilling and performed well prior to its oil spill in the gulf and the explosion took place at Macondo Prospect, killing eleven people and lighting the sky with visible smoke from some thirty-five miles beyond the scene. The fire was inextinguishable and the BP Horizon oil rig eventually sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor. Even to this day, the effects of the oil rig drowning can be seen in underwater sea creatures and their oil ingestion.

At the time of the explosion, 126 people were on board. The explosion’s end came by way of a cap placed on the rig, followed by the creation of a relief well to seal off the oil rig from shooting gas and chemicals into more of the ocean’s waters. This came after nearly a two-and-a-half-month Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A part of the blowout preventer was not operating normally, and a crewman accidently drilled through the rubber gasket that was to seal off the drill pipe. Rubber was found in the oil.

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If your business has been affected by the Deepwater Horizon project, you may stand to receive financial compensation for your loss.

New Court Approved BP Settlement

  • Objective, transparent and accepting claims. It is a significant improvement from the old Gulf Coast Claims Fund (GCCF).
  • Replaces the GCCF/Feinberg-Rosen system. Feinberg worked for BP and was paid over $1 million a month by BP so he was not objective.
  • Overseen by the Federal Court in New Orleans, NOT BP.
  • Over $7.8 Billion set aside to pay claims quickly.
  • Over $900 million paid since October 2012.

To file a claim today, call us at 1 (888)888-5924 or fill out the form. We have an experienced team of attorneys and claims representatives who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. The earlier you file a claim with the Deepwater Horizon settlement, the sooner you will receive a settlement. File today!

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